The National Society of High School ScholarsNSHSS

Learn. Lead. Change the World.

What it Means to be a Member

NSHSS members are high-achieving scholars with a drive to succeed, and a desire to change their world for the better. NSHSS is proud to be an inclusive organization, drawing from a broad, diverse pool of students. We are committed to supporting our members by connecting them with opportunities to learn, lead and change the world.

Paxton Peacock

Paxton Peacock, a Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship recipient, explains the importance of networking, and how he leveraged the connections he made through NSHSS to attend the Global Student Leaders Summit in Davos, Switzerland.

NSHSS Parent Interviews

NSHSS Parents Deborah Bedor, Dr. Siva Kumar, and Susan Blanchette discuss the opportunities and experiences their children have had as members of NSHSS, and why they think membership with NSHSS is worth it.

Meilani Meleisea

Meilani Meleisea, an NSHSS Women of Tomorrow Leadership Award recipient, explains how her membership with NSHSS has encouraged her to succeed.

Morgan Vazquez

NSHSS Fellows Board President Morgan Vazquez explains why she joined NSHSS.

Raina Kadavil

Raina Kadavil, a Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship recipient, share a few words of inspiration with her fellow NSHSS members.

NSHSS Member Interviews

NSHSS members share their experiences and talk about the wide variety of opportunities available through membership, including scholarships, internships and studying abroad.

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