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Behind every high-achieving student, there is a team of dedicated educators setting rigorous standards, offering constant encouragement and going the extra mile to ensure each student fulfills his/her unique potential.  NSHSS salutes and recognizes the contributions of exemplary educators—teachers, counselors, administrators—through a variety of opportunities designed to engage them in the work of NSHSS and further their professional growth and development.

We invite educators to become involved in NSHSS by attending our member events, sharing their insights and expertise through guest articles or blog posts and nominating qualified students for membership in the Society. 

You can register as an educator here.  Once registered, you can nominate your students for membership online and take advantage of other educator-specific opportunities.  If you prefer to nominate students by phone, please call 866.343.1800.  Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the nomination process or the benefits of membership.


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  • Arne Duncan is a recipient of the 2014 Claes Nobel World Betterment Award

    Arne Duncan, former CEO of Chicago Public Schools and current U.S. Secretary of Education, speaks about being award the 2014 Claes Nobel World Betterment Award from NSHSS.

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  • NACAC President Nancy Beane

    Nancy Beane, counselor at the Westminster Schools, discusses her role within NSHSS and the benefits scholars can attain by attending college panels.

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  • 2013 Educator of the Year: Brian McDonald

    As NSHSS's 2013 Claes Nobel Educator of the Year, Brian McDonald discusses his philosophy of teaching as well as benefits that NSHSS brings to him and his students.

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  • NSHSS Educator of Distinction Kevin Taylor

    NSHSS Educator of Distinction Kevin Taylor, shares his thoughts on NSHSS

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  • 2015 Educator of the Year: Jody Zepp

    Jody Zepp, 2015 Educator of the Year, explains why recognition by NSHSS has a positive impact on educators and students.

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