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The Ambassador State Director program is a new program for NSHSS Ambassadors seeking to strengthen their leadership and communication skills. 
State Directors efficiently link NSHSS, Ambassadors and NSHSS members by representing their home state within the NSHSS Ambassador Program.  State Directors are the point contact for all NSHSS Ambassadors within their state and report to NSHSS monthly regarding community service projects, special school or community initiatives, and other stories that members have participated in that support the NSHSS vision of world betterment.  State Directors are also heavily involved in NSHSS social media, welcoming new NSHSS members to the Society, and working with NSHSS Ambassadors not just within their high school, but all over their state.    

Applications to apply for the State Director Program open in the Spring. Rising  Juniors and Senior Ambassadors will be invited to apply Please note that State Directors must have already been accepted into the Ambassador program.

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