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What our scholarship recipients are saying

“I would like to thank you for awarding me this scholarship. Being a first-generation college student, the funds will assist me in paying for college. I can attend an institution of higher learning like Carnegie Mellon University only from the generosity of organizations like NSHSS.”

Jorge A. Alvarez, NSHSS Ambassador Scholar Award
Haines City High School, Winter Haven, FL
Carnegie Mellon University 2020
Member since 2013


“Thank you for honoring me with this generous scholarship. I am so grateful because it's helping me offset the high cost of out of state tuition. I appreciate this gift so much. I assure you that I will put this gift to good use. Thank you again!”

Austin J. ArenzEnvision College Scholar Award
Sheboygan Falls High School, Sheboygan Falls, WI
Michigan Technological University 2020
Member since 2014


“I am so very thankful and appreciative of this opportunity. I will endeavor to be someone you will be pleased to have selected for this scholarship! Again, thank you so very much. Thank you so much for awarding me the Ambassador Scholarship! Your investment will not go to waste!”

Samira Barnes, NSHSS Ambassador Scholar Award
Montclair High School, Montclair, NJ
Towson University 2020
Member since 2014


“I sincerely treasure this gift, and I guarantee that it will not go to waste. It will serve and assist with my academic endeavors greatly, and I thoroughly appreciate it.”

Chase R. Dieckhoner, National Scholar Award
Merrol Hyde Magnet School, Gallatin, TN
Ohio State University-Columbus 2020
Member since 2016


“I am so grateful for this scholarship and the invitation to attend a member event. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful organization and thank you for these opportunities.”

Jayden Garrett, National Scholar Award
Chadron Senior High School, Chadron, NE
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2020
Member since 2015 


“I can barely fathom I've been selected as a recipient for this scholarship. It's a blessing for me and my family, as you´ve lightened our financial burden and have allowed me to focus on the most important aspect of this new beginning, learning. I feel very grateful. Thank you.”

Maria Gonzalez, Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship
American School of Tampico, Altamira, Mexico
University of Texas 2020
Member since 2015


“This scholarship will help me pay for my college education where I will learn how to better serve my community. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!”

Nathan Grant, Robert P. Sheppard Leadership Award
Cincinnati Country Day School, Loveland, OH
Harvard University 2020
Member since 2014


“Thank you so much for this honor! Every little bit that helps me financially, helps me accelerate along my path to my dreams!”

Leann Klingensmith, National Scholar Award
Pine-Richland High School, Gibsonia, PA
Messiah College 2020
Member since 2015


“Words cannot express how thankful I am, not only for the scholarship, but also for all the opportunities NSHSS has given me. It is truly an honor to be one of this year's recipients.

Alejandra Parisi, National Scholar Award
Saint Andrew’s School, Boca Raton, FL
Barnard University 2020
Member since 2014


“My Nobel Week experiences with the Nobel Laureates of 2014 has played an important role in influencing the academic and career path I want to take. Through my Nobel Week experiences, I attained a more intimate understanding of the Nobel Laureates Malala Yousafzai, who has achieved so much for society at my age, and Mary-Britt Moser, who, as a 2014 Physiognomy and Medicine Nobel Laureate, serves as a remarkable role model for young women interested in the sciences. These exceptional Nobel experiences and examples have motivated me to pursue a career in the STEM areas and become a leader in medicine. Their achievements have also helped me reach a deeper understanding of the social responsibility I have in this world. I received a tremendous amount of inspiration from the Nobel Prize Laureates, who are commended as intellectual leaders; I, too, likewise aspire to become a global leader.“

Catherine Tu, Stockholm Nobel Week Scholarship
Amador Valley High School, Pleasanton, CA 
Harvard University 2020
Member since 2014


"I was invited to share my study abroad experiences on a panel at the Association of International Education Administrators Conference in Washington, D.C. with an audience of international educators and administrators.  This was truly a wonderful experience -- all as a result of being an active and engaged member of NSHSS."

Amir Adem, Trinity College Youth Leadership Summer Institute Award (Melbourne, Australia); NSHSS Ambassador Scholar Awards
Meadowcreek High School, Norcross, GA
Emory University 2019
Member since 2013 


"Thank you for selecting me to receive this prestigious scholarship. It is truly an honor. This award will help me live my dream of studying abroad.  Thank you once more for your generous support."

Omar Chavez, Di Yerbury International Scholar Award
Warren T. White High School, Dallas, TX
Texas A&M University 2019
Member since 2010


"NSHSS membership is a great way to connect to thousands of talented people from all over the world, explore new opportunities and change your life for the better. Being an NSHSS member means being a global person academically. It feels incredible for me to have such a supportive community as NSHSS on the other side of the globe. I would definitely recommend joining NSHSS!"

Yelyzaveta Gybchenko, A&F Global Diversity Scholar Award;
Stockholm Nobel Week Scholarship; Di Yerbury International Scholar Award
Blagoevgrad, Ukraine
American University in Bulgaria 2018
Member since 2014


“NSHSS is the rare Honor Society that not only empowers the nation’s highest achieving students through membership, but elevates those students academically and professionally through generous scholarships, estimable summer opportunities, and willing professional introductions that can lead to internships and expanded networks. Among other benefits, becoming a member of NSHSS will provide you with scholarship, travel and work opportunities that follow you through college as you pursue your higher educational goals.”

Alec Urbach, Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship
Roslyn High School, Roslyn, New York
Princeton University 2017
Member since 2013


"It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of the National Society of High School Scholars. This past summer, I attended NSHSS's annual Scholar's Day, and it was an experience that I will never forget. NSHSS gave me the opportunity to meet some truly inspiring people, who have changed the world on a global scale, as well the opportunity to be humbled by dozens of students with incredible determination, work ethic, and heart. In my opinion, the National Society of High School Scholars is the perfect place for students to come together, and work toward creating a more intellectual, passionate, and determined generation. I cannot give enough thanks to all of the dedicated people working at NSHSS for providing this incredible opportunity to students internationally."


Sarah Cronk, NSHSS Robert Sheppard Leadership Award Winner
Do Something Awards Grand Prize Winner
Pleasant Valley High School, Bettendorf, IA
Whitman College 2015
Member since 2010


"The NSHSS scholarship has allowed me to attend Harvard and pursue my passions without the financial stress I faced before.. Students always ask me what I did that stood out to win the scholarship. I don't think it was what I did as much as the passion, energy, and curiosity with which I pursued my passions. All I did was be myself in the best way I knew how. Beyond the scholarship, NSHSS continues to provide me with a community and unending support for my academic, athletic, and personal endeavors."

Kristen Faulkner, National Scholar Award
Phillips Academy, Homer, AK
Harvard University 2015
Member since 2010


"With sincere appreciation to The National Society of High School Scholars for supporting me and other young students along our academic journey.  I am appreciative of the scholarship I received as well as the resources and networking opportunities. Gracias."

Gabriella Herrera, Abercrombie & Fitch Scholar 
Merrill West High School, Tracy, CA
Harvard University 2015
Member since 2009


"I would like to thank NSHSS for awarding me the Envision EMI college scholarship.  Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.  I will be attending UPENN and this scholarship will help defray some of the costs. Again, thank you helping me get one step closer to obtaining my college degree."

Jayla Hood, Envision Scholar
Brookwood High School, Lilburn, GA
University of Pennsylvania 2015
Member since 2008


"Being a recipient of an NSHSS academic scholarship has meant the world to me. In addition to receiving the opportunity to pursue my academic interests at the University of Michigan, I am proud to have been recognized for my hard work and dedication. As the 2011 valedictorian of Black River Public School, the number one school in Michigan ranked by the Washington Post, I am honored to have represented the high school that has helped me to achieve all my accomplishments."

Sarah Knutson, National Scholar Award
Black River Public School, Holland, MI
University of Michigan 2015
Member since 2009


"Through your organization's generosity, you have given me much-appreciated recognition and allowed me to sleep that much more soundly when it comes to paying for college. It means a lot for you to think of me, especially in these difficult economic times, and I admire NSHSS's commitment to assisting young people even as it assuredly becomes more difficult to do so. Thank you for your continued support, and I hope you continue to assist college-bound scholars with the same generosity and enthusiasm that you have given for me."

Stephen McGarvey, National Scholar Award
Texas City High School, Texas City, TX 
University of Texas at Austin 2015
Member since 2008


"Being a member of NSHSS has encouraged me to not only use my talents to better myself but also to better the community.  I am deeply honored and humbled to receive this scholarship."

Katherine Mitchell, National Scholar Award
Dutchtown High School, McDonough, GA
Georgia Institute of Technology 2015
Member since 2009


"As I sit in my newly decorated dorm room I am filled with feelings of gratitude for the support that NSHSS has provided to me throughout high school. I would not be where I am sitting today without the help of the amazing organization. I would like to take this time to thank NSHSS for the scholarship."

Aspen Riser, Abercrombie & Fitch Scholar
Cedar Hill High School, Cedar Hill, TX
University of Texas at Austin 2015
Member since 2009


"Thank you to the NSHSS for the scholarship! I think it is important that the society is honoring academics, extracurriculars, service, and leadership. I am grateful for the support the Society has given me and other members."

Lindsay Tyler, National Scholar Award
Darien High School, Darien, CT 
Dartmouth College 2015
Member since 2010


"I am very excited to learn that I have received an NSHSS Scholarship! The NSHSS scholarship made it possible for me to take a very challenging course of study at Yale. This will enable me to focus on my studies and ongoing musical training. I am very grateful to NSHSS for their generosity and support of students like myself."

Nicholas Bleisch, National Scholar Award
Homeschool, Princeton, NJ
Yale University 2013
Member since 2008


"Thank you so much for selecting me as a recipient of a Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship. I am so honored and humbled to be even considered for a scholarship established by the great philanthropist, scholar, and dedicated environmentalist Claes Nobel. Thanks for helping me achieve my dreams; I will never forget your generosity. May God continue to bless you and your organization!"

Michael R. Boone, Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship
Kaiserslautern American High School, APO
University of Virginia 2013
Member since 2007


"As the Robert Sheppard Leadership Award scholarship winner for 2009-2010, I want to say thank you to the National Society of High School Scholars. I am honored to have been selected as a scholarship recipient and will do my best to continue representing NSHSS and the goals and values of Robert Sheppard for volunteerism and leadership throughout my life. I am pleased to say that as a college student I am organizing an Operation Smile Student Association on campus with my volunteer efforts. Again, thank you for the opportunities that have helped shape my lifestyle of service and leadership."

Claire A. Crawford, Robert Sheppard Leadership Award
Starkville High School, Starkville, MS
Millsaps College 2013
Member since 2008


"I would like to take a moment to thank you for your offer of scholarship. Of course, in these difficult times, a college student is grateful for financial assistance. I am truly honored."

Erika Vivyan, Abercrombie & Fitch Scholar
Farmington Harrison High School, Farmington Hills, MI
Michigan State University 2013
Member since 2008


"I feel extremely honored and grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of the 2009 Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship! I am thankful to the National Society of High School Scholars for establishing this scholarship which will help me pursue my academic goals at Harvard University."

Lena Ye, Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship
West High School, Coralville, IA
Harvard University 2013
Member since 2007


"Thank you so much for the National Society of High School Scholarship in honor of Astronaut Pete Conrad. Wow, to be named a Conrad Scholar, I am really appreciative and motivated, especially since I dream of becoming an astronaut! In the fall I will be attending Florida Atlantic University majoring in Ocean Engineering and have been nominated for the College of Engineering and Computer Science's Innovation Leadership Honors Program. The scholarship in honor of Astronaut Conrad was really touching as he was the first man to dance on the moon, and I have always written in my biography in my ballet company programs that I want to be the first person to dance in space!"

Christina Zarrilli, NSHSS Conrad Scholar
FAU High School, Boca Raton, FL
Florida Atlantic University 2013
Member since 2007


"I want to express how much I appreciate the honor of receiving this scholarship. It means a lot to me that NSHSS cares enough about youth like myself to offer these generous awards. A significant part of my high school experience has revolved around community service. This accolade will allow me to use $1,000 worth of hours that I would have had to work to meet my needs, rather than volunteering and helping others meet their needs. I plan to stay active in community service in my college town. Thank you so much for the time, effort, and financial commitment that have gone into this competition."

Luke Anderson, National Scholar Award
The Woodlands High School, The Woodlands, TX
Washington & Lee University 2012
Member since 2009


"As I venture into my second semester of college, I remember that I am helped each step of the way. Although I am only in the beginnings, I have never been happier--I love my school dearly and have been academically stimulated like never before. All of this has been possible with the assistance of your scholarship. Thank you."

Jenny Ngo, National Scholar Award
Gulfport High School, Biloxi, MS
Duke University 2012
Member since 2007


From our very first Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship Recipients

"The Claes Nobel Scholarship has meant a great deal to me. I was greatly honored to receive the phone call from Mr. Nobel. The words of wisdom he shared will stay with me forever, and I hope always to live up to the ideals that his family represents. I will always try to be a representative of the ideals this society stands for, striving to maintain excellence, leadership, and outreach to others."

Laurel Angelica, Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy, La Canada, CA
Princeton University 2007
Member since 2002


"I would like to thank the NSHSS for their thoughtfulness and effort in honoring me at the Intrepid Sea Museum. It was a great privilege to be in the company of such great men and women, such as Mr. Claes Nobel. The NSHSS is an invaluable society that does much to promote academic achievement and excellence, as well as good citizenship, and I am extremely grateful for their support and encouragement as I proceed with my endeavors. I hope that I may one day inspire young people of America to achieve their aspirations as the NSHSS has inspired me to do so."

Nigar Shaikh, Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship
Lawrence High School, Lawrence, NY
Stanford University 2007
Member since 2002

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