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Georgetown College Honors Programs and Scholarship Opportunity for NSHSS Members 12-09-2016

Georgetown College offers one traditional Honors Program, with honors classes, honors reading groups, honors events and trips, a senior honors thesis, and optional honors housing.  In addition, Georgetown has two unique and innovative Honors Programs within this broader framework: Oxford Honors, and Science Honors.

Oxford Honors is a highly competitive program that will allow you to study in Oxford as a visiting Oxford Student for one or two terms your junior or senior year at no additional cost! Our students are prepared to excel at a top-five world university, completing tutorials with Oxford faculty and doing highly independent scholarship. Besides the obvious benefits of studying in Oxford, traveling around Europe (optional), and having Oxford University on your transcript, this program will transform you into a scholar prepared and primed for whatever you hope to do next.

Science Honors gives you a similar opportunity to pursue top-level and funded scientific research at a major research institution during the summer after your sophomore or junior year. Students are prepared at Georgetown, then linked with a major research program in their area of interest at a top research university or government organization. Students are required to transform their research into a presentation for a professional conference, then into a full research publication as part of their honors thesis.

To apply for Georgetown’s honors programs, students need a 3.75 unweighted GPA and a 28 cumulative on the ACT (or equivalent on SAT); all Honors Programs do require interviews. Students in our Honors Programs are eligible for an additional $1,000 per year stipend on top of all other scholarships. NSHSS students have done exceptionally well in our Honors Programs, and we strongly encourage you to apply.

Georgetown College Tuition Scholarships 2017 - No Application Required

Georgetown College offers a scholarship to all NSHSS members that apply and have been accepted to the College. This academic scholarship is valued at $18, 000 - $22,000 and is renewable for four years.

Eligibility Requirements: NSHSS members that apply and have been accepted to the Georgetown College by February 1st of senior year. Must possess a 3.6 unweighted high school grade point average.


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